Coated Fine Aluminum Hydroxide (PF-S)

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PF-1S grade products are independently developed by the company and obtained the national invention patent (a production method of surface coated modified aluminum hydroxide micropowder, patent number: ZL 2015 1 0339865.5) of the new surface treatment technology of aluminum hydroxide micropowder. High-tech products, so that ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide micropowder with large surface energy and strong adsorption trend can achieve the best modification effect, fundamentally solving the problem of ultra-fine ion agglomeration, insufficient modification and uneven dispersion.


Surface treatment Aluminum hydroxide powder


Surface treated Aluminum hydroxide

Coated Fine Aluminum Hydroxide (PF-S)






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Magnesium hydroxide

Zibo Pengfeng produces magnesium hydroxide (MDH) micropowder, which is a new type of halogen-free flame retardant, which is suitable for products or occasions with a processing temperature of 200 ° C and above.


Boehmite is a high temperature flame retardant additive. It has broad application prospects in copper clad laminate (CCL) and electric vehicle industries.

Aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide is a halogen-free flame retardant with excellent performance Environmental protection flame retardant Aluminum hydroxide has been widely used in cable and plastic industries as an environmentally friendly product to replace halogen flame retardant products.

Nano Aluminum Oxide

Perfect crystal, round grain morphology

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